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We are the most prominent fencing service in Ballarat and beyond.

When you are scouring for a fence contractor in Ballarat, do not compromise your choice and pick the best service provider to handle your fencing project. You may be looking for classic timber fencing for your garden or sophisticated and secure glass pool fencing to prevent accidents. How about long-lasting and low-maintenance aluminium fencing for your commercial establishment or any other type of fencings such as colorbond fences and pool fences? Don’t fret because we assure you that you can find it all at Ballarat Fencing.

With innovative fencing equipment and technologies, and an experienced and highly knowledgeable crew of fencers, we deliver residential and industrial fencing solutions that are unparalleled and rise above other fencing contractors in the city.

At Fencing Ballarat, we have been delivering a myriad of fencing solutions that are constructed to meet each of our customers’ distinctive specifications and preferences for many years. With that in mind, our clients can always assure that they can have durable and aesthetically pleasing fences and gates for their property and space in Ballarat.

In the end, residential and commercial property owners searching for the best fencing contractor in town consider a common denominator: superior quality services and fences that will not break the bank. And as for cost-friendly and top-notch results, at Fencing Ballarat, we can be your number one fencing service provider in town.

Let us lend you a helping hand so you can achieve the results you dream of for your fencing projects. Reach out to our customer service staff anytime and request a free quote and consultation for all the fencing services we offer.

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We are insured & licensed

Being fully insured gives our customers peace of mind, in the case that something doesn't quite go to plan - no need to worry!

We charge fairly

Our materials are purchased at discounted prices compared to the average customer. We use this advantage to provide our clients with competitive prices.

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We deliver on time

Large scale landscaping projects generally have a lot of individual projects running concurrently. We always strive deliver on time to keep the project moving forward.

we comply to regulations

All our installations are guaranteed to be standard compliant - we always strive to be up-to-date with the latest regulations so you don't have to!

Holistic fencing services in ballarat

At Ballarat Fencing Pros, we provide a variety of fencing solutions. We can install fences and enclosures of different heights, sizes, and materials including glass, aluminium, timber and colorbond. Check out our list of services below. 

Colorbond® Fencing

Colorbond® Fencing in Ballarat

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Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing in Ballarat

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Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium Fencing in Ballarat

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Timber Fencing

Timber Fencing in Ballarat

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Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing in Ballarat

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No Job is too small or too difficult at Ballarat Fencing Pros

With a fence service team that is proudly committed to exceeding your expectations, you can have peace of mind knowing your property will be guarded by our expert staff. Whether it’s urgent repairs or completely new installations, we are here for all Ballarat locals who need fencing help!

We understand that your fence is important to you. That’s why we’ll never say no or turn down a job because it seems too small or difficult for us; just let us know and our team will take care of everything! We’re not afraid to get creative with solutions when we are presented with an unusual request so don’t be shy about reaching out; your problem can become ours in less than five minutes. If you want anything related to fencing then look no further – whether it’s customizing materials used on-site, finding contractors who specialize in this type of work (so they’re more knowledgeable), supplying equipment such as gates/fencing panels/pickets etc., installing new fences from scratch…we’ve got it all!

Colorbond® Fencing in Ballarat

Want to find a way to confine your property that is not only affordable but also environmentally friendly and sustainable? Invest in colorbond fencing. Affordable, durable, and nontoxic – this iconic fence made from steel has been tested by Australia’s harsh weather conditions so it can last up to 50 years.

Colorbond fencing is one of the contemporary fencing choices that are instantly gaining popularity for homeowners and commercial establishment owners in Ballarat. At Ballarat Fencing, we are a trusted fencing service provider dedicated to delivering excellent colorbond fencing solutions. This type of fencing is geared towards improving the security and curb appeal of your exterior spaces.

At Fencing Ballarat, our artfully crafted and unique colorbond fences are manufactured out of superior quality colorbond steel. Our colorbond fences are all structured and installed to last you for the years to come. It ensures ample security and privacy for your property because it does not have gaps that keep unwanted people or animals out of sight.

With our expert installation and high-quality materials, this type of fencing can withstand unpredictable weather conditions and other detrimental elements for a long time, even with little upkeep.

If you are seeking out a dependable colorbond fencing expert, our highly skilled crew in Ballarat Fencing can be the people to handle the project for you. We offer a myriad of colorbond fences with varying sizes, styles, and colours to suit your specifications. If you decide to work with our crew, we guarantee that we can provide you with top-notch colorbond fences that are sturdy and exude a visually pleasing design to make your space stand out from others.

black colorbond fence | Ballarat Fencing Pros
beautiful home with a pool and a glass pool fence | Ballarat Fencing Pros

Pool Fencing in Ballarat

Are you searching for a fencing contractor in Ballarat that can proficiently craft and install a swimming pool fence on your property? You are lucky because we can be the perfect team for you. At Ballarat Fencing, we have a myriad of pool fencing materials that can excellently suit your requirements and preferences.

Installing a secure and dependable pool fence is not just a superb investment for your property; most importantly, it is mandated by building laws in Australia to have it. Besides being required by law, a pool fence is a form of added security that will prevent your children from coming to the pool without the supervision of adults. It can also avoid unexpected injuries caused by slippery or wet surfaces around your swimming pool. Our well-built fences designed according to your preferences can also boost the overall appeal of your pool.

Since it is essential to have a pool fence, you must ask for the help of a pool fencing contractor that will adhere to the safety codes and standards set by the community to avoid any conflict in the future. If your pool fence does not commit to the requirements, you may face hefty penalties or charges because of it. Let our team be your pool fence contractor. Drop us a line anytime to get a free quotation and for us to know more about what fencing services we can provide to you.

Aluminium Fencing in Ballarat

With our extensive experience in the fencing industry, at Ballarat fencing, we offer unparalleled skills and expertise in installing and repairing aluminium fencing for your home or establishment in the city.

If you are still unsure of what specifications you might require and prefer for your aluminium fences, don’t worry because we have an array of designs, colours, and finishes that can aid you in picking the one that will best suit your aluminium fencing needs. Whether you are scouring for something unique or classic, our highly proficient fencing contractors will work with you earnestly to make sure that your requirements and preferences are met or even exceeded.

Aluminium is excellent for those looking for a sturdy and long-lasting fencing material because it is excellently weathering and rust-resistant. It is only about a third of steel’s weight, but it is still at par with its durability and strength. Besides that, it can also look good for a long time, even without regular upkeep and repairs.

At Fencing Ballarat, we know that the fences we build need to do more than just provide our customers added security. It can also be utilized to prevent accidents, mark your spaces, add some privacy or increase the overall appeal of your establishment. Considering all that in mind, we always aim to provide our clients with the most suited and preferred aluminium fencing that will do its job to the maximum. It doesn’t matter where you want it to be installed or whether you have a unique set of specifications. You can count on our dependable and proficient contractors to deliver exceptional results and services.

simple black aluminum fence | Ballarat Fencing Pros


What our clients say

Brilliant work to the team over at Ballarat Fencing. Very polite and professional. They did an amazing job on our colorbond fence in Sebastopol. Thanks boys.
Rachel Lee
Hi there. Just wanted to give a huge thank you to the team - they did a great job on our pool fence. Left the place in top condition. Thanks lads, appreciate it guys.
Michael Stevens
One of our family friends recommended Fencing Ballarat. They've been great for us. Super flexible and was willing to go the extra mile to get the project done on time. No complaints!
Brittany Walker

Glass Pool Fencing in Ballarat

For those who prefer to surround your swimming pool with a fence that will not obstruct the view around your property, a glass pool fence may be the type of fencing you are searching for. With a glass enclosure, you can have a fashionable and elegant fencing solution that delivers a protected outdoor place around your swimming pool. At Ballarat Fencing, it is one of our most recommended types of pool fences that is secure, durable, and low maintenance, which can prevent pool accidents without obstructing the scenic views.

Many homeowners and commercial property owners in Ballarat take advantage of the panoramic views in their areas by installing glass fencing. Installing glass pool fencing is a great alternative to improve your property’s market value. This type of fencing makes small and large lawns appear bigger, especially if they are built and installed properly by a proficient and licensed glass fencing contractor.

If you are scouring for a Ballarat-based company that delivers top-notch glass pool fencing, drop Fencing Ballarat a line today to avail of our superior quality fencing services and materials.

Semi-framed glass pool fence in a beautiful Mediterranean house | Ballarat Fencing Pros
Black wooden fence overlooking the sky | Ballarat Fencing Pros

Timber Fencing in Ballarat

Timber is one of the classic fencing choices that have been in use for the longest time in Australia. If you want to achieve a superior quality timber fence for your space, getting in touch with our dependable and skilled team can be your first step.

At Ballarat Fencing, we are among the best fencing contractors in Ballarat when it comes to timber fencing. As a trusted and licensed contractor in town, we have years of experience in delivering a variety of timber enclosures for both residential and commercial property owners. Whatever timber fencing you have in mind, we have the dependable team to accomplish it for you.

Timber fencing is still a classic and popular choice for many, even if there have been a lot of modern innovations in the field because of its various advantages. For starters, it has a cheaper upfront cost which makes it a great option for those in a rigid budget. Moreover, it can conveniently be installed and seamlessly elevate the aesthetics of your existing landscape or architecture.

Are you scouring for a trusted and expert Ballarat-based fencing contractor? Search no further because, at Fencing Ballarat, we deliver the best timber fencing solutions that include installations, repairs, and refurbishments to homeowners and business owners around the town. Call our friendly customer service staff as soon as you can and achieve the most suited timber fencing solutions from the best Ballarat timber fencing company!

Our Specialty

Custom Design and Feature Work

When you want something that stands out and is truly one of a kind, we have the expertise to create it. From custom fencing to gates made from different types of wood or metal alloys, our skilled designers will work with your individual needs in mind.

Fencing Ballarat is here to help you with anything you need for your home’s fences. Regardless if it is a new installation, replacement parts, maintenance or repair – we have the right solution for your needs!

We provide top-notch fencing design, installation, and maintenance in Ballarat

The Fencing Ballarat Difference

Proficient and Reliable Fencing Team

At Fencing Ballarat, we take every fencing project seriously. We always ensure to adhere strictly to every ordinance and legislation in the community so our customers can have a hassle and stress-free experience when they are working with our team.

From your initial consultation through to achieving the end result, our highly proficient and reliable fencing contractors got your back.

At our firm, our main purpose is to furnish exceptional fencing solutions, and we will put in all the extra effort needed to ensure you obtain outstanding fence repairs and installations that may even transcend your expectations. If this purpose resonates with you, phone us as soon as you can to avail of the top quality fencing services from the trusted and best fencing contractor in Ballarat.

Insured and Licensed Fencing Service Provider

Fencing Ballarat was founded a long time ago to ensure all Ballarat property owners can get outstanding fencing services whenever they need it. We have established trust and confidence in our valued customers by providing fencing solutions that offer utmost security and enhanced curb appeal.

Over the years, we have gathered a remarkable team of licensed, insured, and expert fencers that can handle the unique fencing specifications and requirements needed in Ballarat. If you seek a fence that stands out, reach out to our friendly customer service staff in Ballarat Fencing today and discover why almost all of our previous customers repeatedly avail our fencing services!

Superior, Secure, and Affordable Fencing Solutions

Ensuring quality and security are always our priority, but did you know that you can have all these for a fair and affordable price too? At Ballarat Fencing, our top-quality services and materials also match our great prices, so even if you are on a rigid budget, we can give you several suggestions and alternatives that will work best for you. We don’t cut short on services and security to cut costs because our clients’ and workers’ safety and peace of mind are always paramount to our firm.

Our local team only uses the best equipment and materials. Besides that, our contractors and tradespeople are skilled and experienced to deliver superior results within the discussed timeframe.


Absolutely! At Fencing Ballarat, we always make sure to adhere to the discussed time frame and fund because we like our clients to be pleased with the fencing services we provide.

At Ballarat Fencing, we can determine the cost for each fencing project after understanding its scale and scope together with our customer’s requirements and preferences. We also conduct a site inspection and initial consultation before giving an accurate estimate to our customers.

Fencing Ballarat is a fencing company who create high-quality and affordable fences to suit any budget. The team of experts at Ballarat will measure your yard, gateways, access points using the latest technology so you know exactly what is needed for each project – even providing pictures or samples to make it easier! With their wide range of quality materials available in different colours and styles we can help you design the perfect entrance into your home.

Your yard is a place of serenity and enjoyment for the senses. Create an atmosphere where you can relax with your family, friends or pets while taking in nature’s beauty. Colorbond® steel fencing from Bluescope offers durability that will keep its color throughout years of rain showers and sun exposure– so all those hours spent outside won’t be nearly as much work! Colorbond ® fencings are handmade by professionals who have been crafting fences since their inception more than 30 years ago – which means they know what it takes to make one strong enough to withstand Mother Nature just like us! From bushfires-prone areas, water gardens or stormwater features ̶ there’s no fence too tough for them.

Quality over quantity is key to any project, especially when it comes to security. Investing in a high-quality steel product that will last for years as opposed to an inexpensive alternative may seem like more money at first but the investment pays off by providing durability and longevity from day one. Cheap materials deteriorate faster which means they are prone get dented or rusted easily and suffer damages throughout their lifespan while Colorbond lasts much longer than other generic options because of its quality foundation with durable coatings that offer higher protection against sun damage too!

We’ll gladly come to your house and measure for a quote, but we understand that you might not always be home. If this is the case, please make sure all of our furry animal friends are inside before our arrival! We would love to meet with you in person so just let us know what’s best–we can do measurements while on site or over the phone if it works better for your schedule. Letting us get an idea about your needs will help ensure proper recommendations when deciding which style of fence is right for you.

We work with partners across Australia. Primarily in other regional areas.