Advantages of Chain-Link Fences for Business Properties

Having a reliable and durable fence is one of the must-haves for any business property. From a simple store, busy daycare, or an extensive construction headquarter – having the right fencing can make a lot of difference. Fences provide the security and privacy that property owners require.

At Ballarat Fencing, we offer an extensive collection of fencing materials to ensure that we can cater to every property owner’s unique needs and preferences. Our team recommends chain-link fences for those who require an excellent fence to secure and enclose their barns, yards, sites or commercial facilities. Chain-link fences are among the most favoured choices for residential and commercial applications because of their practicality. If you prefer to know more about it, look into the advantages it can extend to you and your business property.

Easy to Install

Compared to the panels of wood or iron fences, chain-link fences are more convenient to install. Since the fence is made from a weave of galvanized metal wires, you can easily transport it because it comes in rolls. Besides that, it is also less labour-intensive. The fencing contractors you will hire just install the rails and posts, roll out the chain-link fabric and attach them to the poles and frames.

You no longer have to wait for weeks because the contractors don’t have to build anything from scratch. So if you have a busy timeline or just need to have your commercial establishment enclosed fast, chain-link fences are an excellent choice.

Less Maintenance and Repairs

If you have a packed schedule because of the business you own, you may not have the time to regularly check and maintain your fences. That is why many commercial establishment owners choose long-lasting and durable fencing materials. Our chain-link fences are made of top-quality galvanized steel that can effectively deter corrosion and daily wear and tear. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about regularly maintaining your fences.

We also recommend adding vinyl or powder coating to your chain-link fences to achieve a more durable surface. However, it is still vital to check your fences periodically to avoid costly repairs. If there are sagging parts in your fence, all you have to do is tighten the chain-link fence and re-fasten it.


One of the best advantages of having chain-link fences on your commercial property is the security it can provide. This strong and hardwearing steel fencing can provide you with a private and secure barrier to keep unwanted visitors and burglars away on your property. You can choose the gauge size and mesh hole size of the chain-links weave to suit your requirements. If you need a strong chain-link fence for extensive industrial business property, you can opt for a lower gauge and mesh hole size. The lower the number of gauges and hole size, the thicker and stronger the wire is.

Since its form is highly customizable, you can extend a chain-link fence of up to 20 feet high. You can build it as high as you need it to be, especially if you require enhanced security. Besides that, you can also customize its top design to add barriers, barb wires and extender arms. You may be familiar with the design of chain-link fences on prisons, but it can also be useful in stores, pet shops, or daycare centres with a different style.

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